Dread Maintenance

Maintenance Temporary Dreadlock Extensions 

Temporary (braid-in) dreadlock extensions can stay in for 6-8 weeks, taken out and re-installed again. 
I advise to take at least 1 week between the uninstall and reinstall of your dreadlock extensions.

Taking your dreadlock extensions out;

After 6-8 weeks it’s time to take your dreadlock extensions out. 
I advise to:

  • take them out piece by piece, starting to cut the rubber band with a scissor. 
  • unwrap the hair from the dreadlock.
  • comb the strand of hair from the bottom to the top (to the roots).
  • you will comb loose hairs out (everyone looses around 100 hairs a day, which will be trapped in the strand of hair, you are combing out). Don’t worry your hair is not damaged or broken.
  • when you have taken out all of your dreadlock extensions you can wash your hair.

Maintenance Real Dreadlocks

You are completely free on how, when and how often you want to maintain your real dreadlocks but I will share some of my advise with you here.

How often is a maintenance needed? 

  • when you like a tidy look, every 2-3 months
  • when you have matured dreads, every 3-4 months
  • when you like a more freeform look, every 6-12 months