Inflatable Hair Washing Basin


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Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

This inflatable shampoo basin is ideal when you want to detox your Dreadlocks.
The basin can easily be inflated and deflated, so you can store it in a compact size when not in use.

The inflatable basin is especially great when doing a deep cleanse with one of our detoxes. You can easily and comfortably let your Dreads soak in the basin.

The basin contains a drain tube at the bottom so you can easily clean and drain the basin.

The basin measures 23 inch x 20 inch x 8 inch / 60cm x 50cm x 20cm when the basin is fully inflated.

We recommend using this product on a waterproof surface to prevent possible water damage, like splashing.
Do not use water hotter than 120F/49C (tap hot) or hotter than you can comfortably tolerate for extended skin contact.